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It should not be used, however, for the following purposes without review by financial professionals:

  • Loan Decisions – Sageworks provides objective, quantifiable ratios and can make loan approval recommendations based on rules established by the institution. However, you should use Sageworks in conjunction with review by experienced analysts who understand credit risk at the institution.
  • Major Capital Purchase Decisions – Before adding fixed assets to a company, the principals of the company should give the investment serious consideration. Sageworks is only one solution that you or the principals of the company can use in combination with other analytical tools and the advice of competent professionals such as accountants and bankers.
  • Investment Decisions – While Sageworks can be helpful as part of an investment decision, you should not rely solely on Sageworks (or any expert system) for making an investment decision. Please do not do so – use our reports in conjunction with other investment advice, information, and tools.

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